Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today 15 ladies attended. It was a day of finishing projects: Rosemary finished the needlepoint she has been working on for awhile and Elaine finished putting the binding on her quilt. What a great way to end the year! Now they're ready to start a new project in the new year. I should go home and finish some of my projects of which I have many. We'll see. Sandy was wearing one of her knitted scarves--very ruffly and beautiful. She also brought in the moebius scarf she made with eyelash yarn. Marie had found a pattern for a long moebius scarf she wanted to make so Sandy helped her get started. Ethel was still working on her table runners. She didn't quite get them done in time for Christmas. Joan had made one of the 10-minute table runners. It was a very nice Christmas one. Winnie was cutting out patterns for the easy scarf Agnes had made. Fran was making catnip mice and also brought in her latest black and white and red creation. Cathy M. was doing redwork. Marguerite was quilting but also brought in the finished quilt top she had put together from pink scraps that we had in our stash. I think I have a piece of fabric at home we could use for the backing. Our group was a little smaller today but that's to be expected since we're still in holiday mode.

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Maria Piccione (Russell) said...

Thank you so much for posting the events of Nimble Fingers.
My Mom, Marie attends and she just can't wait for Tuesday to come around.
I love when you take pictures, because I get a chance to "see" my Mom. She has been my guide,support, inspiration and teacher for all my handwork.
Again thank you, Maria