Thursday, January 19, 2012

21 ladies attended on Tuesday. I brought in the table runner top I made in a simple pineapple workshop with Bob Silverman of the Joyful Quilter. It was a fun workshop and an easy block. I'll plan on demonstrating it to the group after our show--in March. Jo-Ann came in with a pretty pink moebius scarf she had made. I also brought in an old quilt book that had a picture of a moebius quilt in it. I challenged Sandy and Kathy O. to make a moebius quilt. We'll see if either of them do it. Sandy took the book home but didn't sound too hopeful about finding time for yet another project. Elaine L. who used to be a regular member but had to stop coming when she went back to work after having a baby came in today. She was between semesters (at Skidmore where she teaches) so thought she'd spend some time knitting. It was nice to see her again. Today a bunch of us went to Daryl's for lunch. For those of you who couldn't attend you missed a very nice lunch. Daryl's husband made some really good lasagna, Daryl a salad and 2 yummy desserts! A fine time was had by all. Thank you Daryl for your kindness and your hospitality.

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