Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Yesterday was our big day: Open House. Approximately 50 people attended. We had the items hanging on the walls and in the display case, a special 1-day only bed-turning display of the quilts we didn't have room for on the walls, plus Kathy O. demonstrated making wrapped bowls and Jo-Anne demonstrated card making, letting everyone who wanted to make a card to keep. And don't forget the food! Delicious as always! I think we had a nice little program planned and I think everyone who attended enjoyed it. I think our show is particularly great because many of the ladies haven't exhibited or don't put their items in other shows so our show provides and easy and uncomplicated way to them to display their items. It gives us all a chance to pat ourselves on the back and say "Good job!" These pictures are of the bed-turning. Marie's quilts were too large to hang anywhere in the room; Fran had some quilts we didn't have room for; and Marguerite brought in a quilt her mother made and she quilted.

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