Tuesday, October 27, 2009

13 ladies attended today. Once again everyone was working on a project except me. But every week I get more curious about how to make the pincushions that Jean K. makes. She says she'll teach us next spring when she comes back from Florida. Daryl was back from her vacation on the Cape. She had bought some cute little quilting things at Heartbeat Quilts in Hyannis. One was a small finger pincushion for the tiny applique pins. The other was a pincushion, again for applique pins, that fits into a spool of thread. It has petals glued to a golf tee--very ingenious. Marie brought in one block plus the pattern for a beautiful bedspread where the block, which has one large and one small hexagon sewed together with the large one wrinkled to fit the small one. It would be a great bed covering, but what a lot of work! I am always amazed at Marie and the time she is willing to take to do the extra hand-sewing and embellishing necessary to turn a quilt into a masterpiece. I wish I could slow down enough that I was willing to spend the time necessary to do that. Down at my end of the table Linda O'C and Marie got to talking about old Voorheesville and its surrounding areas. It was a fascinating discussion of local history. I'm sorry that we didn't have a tape running to catch this conversation: old stories about times past. Today was also special because the room was decorated with the quilt collection of Betty Smith. Her family left them up after the party last Sunday. It is an amazing body of work. Betty's unique style really comes through in the quilts. She was very playful, she was definitely not afraid of color and she loved trying new things so her quilts are truly one of a kind. Betty meant a lot to those of us who had the privilege of knowing her and her quilt legacy is one to be cherished.

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Margot said...

A lovely remembrance of Betty. I was sorry to miss her party. Thank you, Julie!