Tuesday, November 03, 2009

14 ladies attended today. We left Betty Smith's quilts on the wall from her party. With Nimblefingers and the Village Quilters meeting at the library we wanted everyone who didn't make it to the party to have a chance to see her quilts. She was a real artist--they are all so beautiful! Today I brought in some giveaways. Last weekend was the Quilter's Paradise at the RCS High School. Julie Ann Fortran and I rented a table and tried to sell some stuff. I admit that the stuff I took to sell was really old but nevertheless, I only netted $10. Don't think I'll do it next year. So I brought in the patterns that I didn't sell so everyone could take what they wanted. The rest will end up in the trash. Pat O'R also brought in some giveaways. Plus I had some things that Linda Cr. had given me to sell at the Q.P. I didn't know she had left them for me so I didn't take them. But today all of her antique quilt tops and pieces found nice homes with my ladies. We had some good eats today: I brought in my usual Hannaford goodies but Deb baked a pumpkin cake plus cider donuts (or do nots as she calls them) and apple cider. Ethel brought in some pumpkin bread she baked for a church sale. Plenty of goodies! Poor Daryl limped in with a bad back. She made a wrong move the other day and has been suffering ever since. We had a long discussion about what everyone watches on TV these days. The British comedies seem to be favorites of many of the ladies. Kathy O is continuing to assist Rosemary in making a Hidden 4-patch 2 quilt. Rosemary picked out some rich looking fabric so it should be very attractive when finished. I pulled out the raffle quilt to stitch on. We've made it to the edges with the hand quilting but we still have a ways to go.

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