Tuesday, October 13, 2009

13 ladies attended today. We had 3 show and tells. Agnes and I each made the hidden 9-patch II pattern that Kathy O. taught us last week. Agnes made a Christmas table quilt and I made a patriotic baby quilt for a service project with the Village Quilters. Then Marie came in with a beautiful quilt top she had just finished. It was called Morning Glory although Marie didn't think they looked like morning glories. Quilt pattern flowers never look like the real thing though. It will make a gorgeous bed quilt. Fran is making placemats for the QUILT group in Delmar so Ethel gave her some she had started a long time ago but never finished. Fran said with those she will have made 24. Rosemary started a hidden 9-patch II with some terrific gold touched fabric she found at JoAn's. I can't wait to see it finished. Ethel is working on her Old West Virginia home cross-stitch, Pat was cutting squares from gingham, Jean was making Christmas decorations, Cathy Y. basted her baby quilt and Tina was quilting a pillow cover. Jean brought in some delicious cookies. A pleasant way to spend a grey afternoon.

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