Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Today 15 ladies attended. The big news was that Kathy O. was back from her summer in the North. We told her she couldn't come back if she didn't come with a new easy quilt pattern to teach us (she has every year so far) and she didn't disappoint! Last year she taught us the hidden 9-patch. This year it was the hidden 9-patch 2. I like this one even better than the last one. This one would look great using a fabric with a large print--the kind that are too pretty to cut. I might just have to try making one tonight! Last weekend some of us tried selling quilts at the Apple Fest. Fran hit the jackpot: she sold 1 large quilt. I earned all of $15, and unfortunately Marguerite's quilt didn't sell. Oh well, we tried. Today our dear Pat H. brought in a delicious cherry cheesecake which we devoured in no time. Cathy Y. brought in some home grown hot peppers to give away. Fran and Marie were our knitters today. Cathy Y. who is usually knitting is now quilting a baby quilt. She had to search high and low for a cheater-cloth baby quilt that she liked. That just goes to show that when you see one you like you should buy it on the spot even if you don't need it, because sure as shootin' you won't find one when you do need one. We had some giveaway paper piecing patterns and magazines. But best of all, Kathy O. demonstrated her hidden 9-patch 2. It will be fun to see how many ladies go home and try one this week.

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