Wednesday, February 06, 2013

23 ladies attended today plus Homer who played a very important role: he hung our quilts for us! That's right, the quilt show is up and ready for viewing! Everything looks beautiful. I haven't taken pictures yet but will start posting them as soon as I do. Our group has grown so we had a lot of quilts to show, especially large quilts. Unfortunately, we didn't have room for everyone's large quilts. So we will have a lot to show at our bed-turning during the Open House next Tuesday. Besides our overflow we will have some antique quilts and friendship quilts made by the group many years ago. I hope we get a good turn out
 because it is a nice show this year. We have a row of challenge table runners--all from the same pattern but using different fabrics. We'll let people vote on those and see whose is the favorite. We don't ask for votes on best of show. I always find it way too hard to choose. Today Tina's son was in photographing the show and a little later Kathy O. was in with her camera. While she was here she sold one of her scarfs right off the display rack! If everyone does that we won't have any left to show!

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