Friday, February 22, 2013

We had 17 ladies attending last Tuesday. I was busy sandwiching a couple of quilts early in the meeting but as I settled down I noticed some embroidery going on this week. Sue R. was embroidering a penny rug. Linda H. was embroidering a snowflake. And Ethel was working on a sampler. That's only 3 but that's more than ususal. Elaine was getting advice from Sandie on making her next quilt with her Arizona fabrics. Tina had started a new knitted afghan. Agnes was crocheting a scarf. I've got to find out how she does it because I know how to crochet. Marie was wearing a blouse upon which she had sewn some lace which she had made. I don't remember the name of that kind of lace but it was beautiful. Cathy M. finished one of a pair of knitted socks. And I've forgotten what everyone else was working on but as usual we had a great time!

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