Tuesday, January 29, 2013

18 ladies attended today. I think we're all getting excited about our upcoming quilt and craft show which we will be setting up on Feb. 5th. Several people were working on their table runners. It will be fun to see them all together. Elaine brought in some of her grandmother's works: some crazy patch pillows with beautiful embroidery, and a red and white quilt that was just exquisite! She'll bring the quilt back for our bed-turning on Feb. 12th at the open house. The fabric on the pillows is starting to disintegrate unfortunately, so Sandie told her of a place to take it to see if they can help to restore them. Mary Ann got out a sewing machine and finished her strip pieced top. It's such an interesting process on that quilt. You don't know how it will look when you're finished nor do you know how big it will be but it's fun to make it anyway and just be surprised. Marguerite discovered that she had made a strip top some time ago so finished it up to give to Albany Med.

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