Thursday, February 14, 2013

We have so many pictures of the show and I want all of our members who are away to be able to see them so I'll add some more here. I showed the ladies just a couple of weeks ago how to make a simple pineapple. Both Agnes and Winnie have completed pineapples in the show. And this year Tina and Fran went chicken crazy. I hoped to make a chicken too but never got around to it. They are sooo cute though! It is so hard to get these pictures lined up in the blog. I'm trying but so far it's not cooperating. I won't give up though!

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Meredith Wagoner said...

Hello, all! I just wanted to say that my daughter and I visited the library for the first time today and were so impressed by the amazing showing of your quilts. She fell while she was playing and was crying but was immediately distracted when I took her over to the walls and showed her all your beautiful work. Congratulations!