Friday, December 16, 2011

20 ladies attended last Tuesday. Our group seems to be growing and as it grows it becomes more noisy! Lots of talk and laughing! The moebius scarf has really taken off in the group. There are at least 4 maybe 5 ladies making them and they are having such a good time with it! They are starting to get experimental with the pattern just to see what they can do. I'm impressed. I tried to get them to pose for me with their scarves on but they just were too excited talking and teaching each other new tricks. I hope some of these scarves end up in our show in February. Marguerite took home some already cut squares that were in our stash last week and put them together. She has the start for a very nice quilt. Marie is still wearing some of the home-made clothes she has found since she moved and Winnie wore one of her festive painted shirts so I had to take a picture of them. Jo-Ann finished the scarf she has been knitting for some time. The pattern was very tricky--you knit the whole thing then go back and drop stitches throughout. She was uncertain about the dropping stitches part so Cathy M. gave her moral support while she dropped stitches but she finally finished and it is indeed a unique and attractive scarf. In the meantime, at home, Cathy M. has been making chef's aprons for her sons who are both apparently good cooks (they must have learned from her because she is certainly an excellent cook). We made her try on the apron for the picture. I missed getting a picture of Pat OR's christmas tree which she has been embellishing for a couple of weeks. Maybe she'll bring it back next week. Next week is our catered lunch. June B. can't make it but she sends her wishes for a Merry Christmas to all. And Agnes is visiting her children so we will miss her. But I think we will have a pretty full house so it should be fun.

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