Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today was our Christmas lunch and this year we had it catered instead of going out to a restaurant. The food was provided by Chef's Take-Out on Carmen Rd. Daryl graciously picked it up for me since she lives nearby. It was Italian food, chicken parm, vegee lasagna, salad and garlic bread, and was very good. Some of the ladies brought desserts. Cathy M. brought her famous chocolate cake with coconut frosting which was beautiful as well as delicious. Daryl brought a cranberry/apple pie which had a crust that was as good as mom used to make. We all got very full and many went home with food for their supper or hubby. There were 30 of us in all. This included some of the library staff that I invited to participate. My assistant Mary Jane did the room decorating. I have no talent for that so appreciate having someone else to do that job. After lunch Sue R. showed us how to make a 10-minute table runner. I'm wondering if I can find some fabric at home to whip up a couple. Some of the ladies participated in a storytelling grant hosted by the library and they had their books with the stories in them. I glanced at one and it looked really nice. I can't wait to read the stories. The library will be getting 3 copies eventually which can circulate. We will be meeting again next week and the week after. Holidays don't stop us from getting together. Happy holidays to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I just wanted to thank you for the Nimble Fingers News.
It gave me an opportunity to "see" my Mom. I haven't seen her in a year so it made me "cry" when I saw her picture. Marie is my Mom.
She told me the group is big and it is. I think it is wonderful that you all get together and share ideas. That is what our society needs more of.
My Mom is my inspiration and believer and supporter. I've learned so much from her.
Again thank you, Luv, Maria Piccione (Russell)