Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yesterday we had a big group--19! Daryl was back from leg surgery. She kept busy while recovering though--she brought in some cranberry...bread for us to enjoy. The library handyman brought in some giveaway fabric from his wife and Marie brought in another load of books. Next she says it will be fabric. She is slowly moving into her new apartment. She's spent 2 nights there so far and has met all of her new neighbors. She's very happy but she keeps finding things at her house that she didn't know she had! After seeing the beautiful yo-yo necklace Diane gave me, Betty K. wanted to make one and today she came in wearing her finished necklace. Bravo Betty! We all compared notes today on how hurricane Irene had affected us. There were still a couple of us without power but I'm glad to report that today my power is back up. Hope it is for everyone else too.

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