Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today 18 ladies attended Nimblefingers. I hobbled in with my bad back to join them. Jean K. had taught them last week to make fabric postcards so Agnes brought in a finished postcard and Pat O. brought in her beginning postcard to get some more help. Sue R. wasn't here last week either so Jean gave Sue and I instruction. I'll have to work on mine at home and see if I can finish it for next week. Last week Marguerite also brought in a finished quilt top then brought it in again so that I could see it. It was a scrap quilt of the star pattern whose name I can't remember. It was very nice. She'll have it on her quilt frame this January and probably give it to a grandchild. She said it did make a small dent in her scraps. Marie brought in lots of books to give away today. She's got an apartment now so she is seriously cleaning out. She says she'll bring more books next week then start in on the fabric. We will all have overflowing sewing rooms I think when Marie finishes cleaning hers!

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