Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Yesterday we had 16 ladies attend. It was a big day for show-and-tell and a big day for goodies! Yum! For the show-and-tell first...Ethel, who came in with her grandson Hunter who was happy to model with her items, brought in Hunter's finished quilt and a tree skirt she made for her daughter Melissa (Hunter's mom). Cathy was knitting shrugs in every size and color. Several people tried them on and they really are cute. Needless to say, the pattern was passed around to many knitters in the group. I brought in my finished (except for the final embellishments) quilt I made in the workshop with Karen Eckmeier. Insted of piecing in the traditional way, Karen E. layers her quilts with topstitching. All pieces are curved and topstitched. It was a fun workshop and I'm pleased with the quilt. Then Betty showed her very bright, dark baby quilt (bright and dark at her daughter's request). Betty much prefers pastels for babies so she plans to make a pink quilt for her granddaughter to keep at her house. I probably should have taken a picture of the goodie table too because it was particularly beautiful too! Betty made pizelles, Betsey made brownies, Daryl made banana bread, and Agnes made blueberry cake. It was a good day to have skipped lunch! Then for the rest of the meeting. Daryl is having major surgery on her leg again--next week. She wanted to get a quilt sandwiched so that she could work on it while she recovers so several of us helped her get that job done. Betsey brought in pictures of her home in Lake Havasu, AZ. I didn't get a chance to look at them but she had emailed me some pictures of her house and I was very impressed. Betsey also had a painting a friend had done of her former camp in the adirondacks. She wanted to make a quilt from the painting and was asking for help picking out appropriate fabrics. Sandie was quilting a very cute Mother Goose panel quilt for a grandchild. Marie came in overjoyed--she got her apartment here in Voorheesville! She will be moving in September. Her grandchildren tell her "Grandma, you sit and rest. We'll do the work for you." Nice family! Nevertheless, she is still busily packing boxes. Jo-Ann was happy to report that her knee, which had recently been replaced, was fully recovered. She said the water therapy was great! Jean is going to teach us to make fabric postcards in 2 weeks. Next week she will give us a supply list. She's a former teacher so I like to keep her in practice. Last year she had several of us making flower pincushions so this year it's fabric postcards. It should be fun!

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