Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've gotten behind on my news. Last we 17 ladies attended and this week 16. Fran had invited a couple of ladies from the Delmar QUILT group to come in so she could show them the Yellow Brick Road pattern. Jean P. also came in to ask for help on the border of a quilt she was making. Jo-Ann had a bracelet that her sister-in-law had made for her which was beaded, crocheted wire. We passed that around for a look-see. Very interesting. Last week I brought in a show and share: Lew brought in my large scrap quilt which I had had him quilt for me. He did special quilting on it but unfortunately because of the pattern on the fabrics it's hard to see the quilting. Next time I will put on a muslin backing. Plus Pat OR had her piece from Wiawaka. This year they did silk ribbon flowers. It will be very impressive when she finishes. At some point Elaine brought in her musical quilt, quilted by Linda Denner, so I took a picture of that. It is a very large quilt too. It will be fun when Kathy O. returns and gets to see this quilt. She helped Elaine put it together so she will be thrilled to see the finished project.

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