Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today we had 20 ladies attend the meeting. Rosemary's friend Martha joined us today for the first time and Mary Ann made a return appearance so that she could see the quilt show before we take it down. We will be taking it down next Tuesday. Today was the day for freebie magazines--collections from 3 different people! Everyone is trying to weed out their collections! I wish I could resist but I always end up taking some home to add to my already overloaded shelves. Too many projects, so little time! Fran brought in a redwork piece made in 1909 by Dorothy Sullivan. She had made it but didn't want to store it anymore so Fran bought it from her, put on a backing and is getting it ready for the Delmar quilt show (in April) to be in with the antique quilts. It is an amazing piece with around 70 different redwork blocks. Fran says it lives on the bed in her small bedroom. Cathy M. is working on a quilt that her Altamont group is making. This quilt is made up of many blocks, not all the same size. Everyone is using their own fabrics so that they all look very different. It will be a nice collection for their quilt show. Sandy was knitting some very pretty socks. Marie has picked out a sock pattern to start knitting too. Jo-Ann was almost finished with the sweater she is knitting. Some of us just spent the afternoon looking at all of the donated magazines. I'm going to put in some more of the pictures from our quilt show in this blog--there are still a lot that need to be shown.

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