Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We had 21 ladies attend today. It was a very busy day. Lots of show and tell, lots of work needing to be done and lots of fabric and magazines to give away. We haven't even taken this show down but already I can tell next years show will be spectacular! We gained one new member this week. She came to the reception last week and decided to give us a try. I hope she'll choose to keep coming. Our show and tell was from new member Sandy (Laurel Burch fabrics), Joyce (the children's librarian--stencilled), Fran (leaves) and Cathy M. (black and white Flying Geese block of the month last year). Tina brought in her maple leaf quilt to sandwich but then decided she would rather have it machine quilted. So Elaine brought out her musical blocks to lay out. Her plan is to sew the rows together this week. It will be really special when it's finished. I told her that all of her musician friends will start giving her orders! Toward the end of the meeting Sue Ann came in with upholstery samples to give us hoping we will make various items. She plans to return to see our work in a couple of weeks. Pat H. also brought in fabrics to give away. Many of us are going home with much more than we came with. Marie came in with some good news--she's found an apartment! They don't have an opening right now but she filled out the papers so that they'll call her when they do. It's near Pat O.'s place so that when they have trips for the residents, Pat and Marie can go together! I think it's a real load off Marie's mind to have found a place that she really likes. I still haven't finished putting pictures from the quilt show on the blog but I won't add any today since we had show and share.

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