Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Today we had 18 ladies attend and we had a lovely pot luck lunch. We had lots of good food and I think we all went home stuffed. I know I did. Winnie brought in a friend of hers, Joan. I hope she'll join us again. Most people didn't come prepared to work, only to eat. I actually came prepared to work though--I got out my block of the month Fiesta quilt and cut out some blocks. Sandie was crocheting a blanket for the Hilltowns. Marie brought in her empty jars to give away. She had sent all the buttons that were in the jars to her daughter and brought us the empties. They were grabbed up fast. We had some books and magazines to give away. Most of those went. Next week we'll be back to normal. The show's over and we've had our celebration-- now it's time to get to work again! I'll pull out the next raffle quilt which we started a year or so ago and see where we left off. I'm sure we'll need some more blocks.

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