Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Last week I was worried that we wouldn't be able to set up our quilt show--it snowed. Suddenly it was very hard to get around. 9 of us made it though and with help from Homer, one of the library maintenance men, we got most of the show hung. The rest had to wait until people could get out and deliver their quilts to me. Nevertheless, we have a pretty good show again this year. Usually Fran and Cathy M. have big quilts to show but this year they didn't. Fran had lots of smaller quilts and Cathy didn't have anything. Marguerite and I were the ones with big quilts this year. Marguerite's hand-pieced, hand-quilted quilt was the show stopper. She is a magnificent hand quilter so her quilts are always impressive. I took pictures of everything so get ready to be be-dazzled! Here are the display cases:
On the Tuesday of our reception the weather was a little better--no snow at least, but the wind was terrible! I don't know what the wind chill was but it was cold! Plus, the parking lot has shrunk a lot because of the piles of snow. I hope people didn't come in because they couldn't find a parking place but with that wind it was definitely not a day for walking. Still, we had 35 people attend. Several people were very excited about joining our group. We always welcome newcomers and love to show off what a great group we are so I hope they do come and join us. We love to see what people are working on and hear their experiences. I have a lot of pictures so I will put them on different blogs for ease of viewing.

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