Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We had 20 ladies today. Several of us came prepared to sew samples of the blocks Kathy O. showed us last weekend. I set up a sewing machine and we all went home with our samples. They are quick and easy. One is a variation of a 4-patch the other is a dimensional pinwheel. We'll see if anyone makes something beyond the sample block. I brought in some interfacing and proceded to the next step of my tape measure bag. I still need to finish my pin cushion. So many projects, so little time! We were a lively and jovial group today. Jo-Ann brought in lots of magazines to give away along with some gift bags. Daryl quickly grabbed those for her gift projects for the hilltowns. Other people brought in fabric to give away. I still have a little bag of that left. One of Kathy O's friends came in. She is a new quilter and is particularly interested in art quilts. She had made a very colorful variation of a crazy log cabin block. The backing was small polka-dots so instead of hand or machine quilting she turned the quilt over, and using the backing to follow, she stitched sashiko stitches in pearl cotton. It worked like a charm and the quilt looked great. Winnie thought that kind of stitching might be possible for her with her arthritis. It should be much easier to make large stitches with the thicker thread than the very small stitches you do in hand quilting. Following a line of polka-dots makes it particularly easy. Rosemary was embroidering today. Ethel had ordered some silk thread to finish a cross-stitch wall hanging she is making and it finally arrived so she worked on that. Others just came to chat. Marie is leaving to visit her daughter for awhile so came to say her goodbyes. We had another nice day in Nimblefingers.

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