Tuesday, October 19, 2010

17 ladies attended today. Kathy O was back from her summer up north. She knows that when she returns in the fall we expect to be taught a new quilting pattern. She didn't fail us this year--she has 2 quilting patterns to teach us! One is a dimensional block and I really love those. Someday I want to have a little collection of dimensional quilts. She told us what we need to make these 2 blocks so we'll see how many people come prepared to cut and sew next week. Jean K will be leaving us for the winter. The time has come for her to return to Florida. And Fran is gone for a month to China. I'm glad Kathy O and Tina return during the winter because it kind of evens things out. A patron left some partially finished knitted mittens hoping someone could finish them for her. They are to go on the library's mitten tree. Cathy M. took the yarn home so she could finish them. Cathy Y is getting close to finishing her red sweater that she's been working on. I'm eager to see how she puts it all together. Knitting is a mystery to me. I've tried to learn but just can't seem to get it right. I went around getting my ladies to sign up for the quilting program I have planned for November. Thanks to them it's half full now. I suspect that the Village Quilters will fill up the other half. Winnie made us a delicious lemon cake today and Jo-Ann and Rosemary brought in cookies and donut holes. We are well fed ladies.

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