Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today 16 ladies attended. We had one little show and tell: June was working on a small witch wall hanging for her granddaughter. It was very cute. Her granddaughter is 5 and is dressing as a witch for Halloween and is quite excited about it so I'm sure she'll love her wall hanging. Today is Fran's last meeting for awhile--she's heading to China for her second visit! I know she'll come back with stories to tell and maybe some souvenirs to show. Marguerite regaled us with stories of her surprise 50th wedding anniversary party last weekend. I knew about it because her daughter had called me and asked me not to schedule Harry for that weekend. We kept it a secret here at the library too so Harry and Marguerite were completely surprised! Rosemary has a neighbor who is looking to get rid of some worn old quilts. If anyone has a use for them let me know. Today our knitters were Hattie, Cathy Y. and Deb. Jo-Ann was making Halloween ear-rings. I had Marguerite show me how to make the tape measure bag. Fran and Pat OR were embroidering, Cathy M. was applique-ing. Marguerite pulled out the quilt and did a little more quilting. Agnes was crocheting more scrubbies. I was hoping that Kathy O. would make it back today. She's back from her camp--I've seen her husband here at the library--and word is, she has a new quilting pattern for us. I can't wait! She always learns some new, simple quilt pattern to make and she's so good at teaching it to us! Maybe next week.

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