Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 ladies attended today--a big crowd! Jean K. had a big quilt she needed to lay out to work on and Pam wanted to pin her quilt. Deb brought in a cornucopia of antimacassers made by her aunt. She didn't know what they were so Marie explained how you put 2 on the arms of a chair and one on the back for the head. She also had lots of crochet thread all of which came from her aunt who must have been a very busy and talented woman. I brought in my Mr. B's preview pack club envelope to show off and hopefully to get some of my ladies to sign up for. It's a monthly package deal from Benartex fabric. For $19.95 they send you a newsletter and a pack of 5" squares of a new fabric line. The pack I got is particularly nice and this is my first one so I'm hoping they'll all be as nice. I think it's a great deal and shouldn't be so overwhelming as joining a fat quarter of the month club. And, if I can get 4 of my ladies to sign up Mr B will send me a pack of fat eighths. I do like to get surprises in the mail. Daryl came in today, slowly but without a walker. Her right ankle is fused but she is allowed to drive again. She's taking things very slowly but is doing fine. Betty K. and Marie both wanted some reassurance that they were making their schlep bags correctly--they were. Jo-Ann brought in some brownies but since I started a new diet today I can't comment on their tastiness. They were all gone when the meeting ended though.

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