Wednesday, June 16, 2010

14 ladies attended yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't be there--I was at an Employee Recognition workshop. It was actually pretty fun and I came away with some ideas I might even be able to use in Nimblefingers. I see that we had a new person join us. I'm sorry I wasn't there to welcome her. I hope she will come next week. And Agnes was back. That must mean that her husband is doing well on the road to recovery. It's good to hear that. And Marguerite was back from Bermuda. I wanted to ask her if there were any good quilting shops there. I already heard about the rest of the trip from Harry but he wasn't sure about the shopping. There must have been some good eating too because the store-bought cake I provided went unopened. My ladies are a bunch of good cooks! I'll be back next week and we can continue with the schlep bags or whatever else needs to be done.

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