Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 ladies attended today, one of which was one of our jr. Nimblefingers. She was making a coat for one of her pet chickens. She's a very creative young lady. Jo-Ann brought in a friend who showed us all her yo-yo maker. It was really cool--I think I've got to have one! Linda showed us the very few pieces of fabric she bought at the Vermont quilt show. She's very disciplined. I would have come home with several bags full I'm sure. I brought in some fabric to give away today. I'm trying to clean up my house and stash. Marie brought in a bagful of men's ties all cut apart and ready to use. They had no takers so I'll hang on to them awhile. Louise was back from Florida and joined us for awhile. She brought in a picture of the quilt she was working on last summer. She won a blue ribbon in a judged show for best of that type and a pink ribbon for best quilting in the whole show! It was a hand pieced, hand quilted hexagon quilt and was truly amazing! This summer she is working on another quilt with 3/4" hexagons! I told her she was crazy! Her quilts are true perfection! Mary Anne is trying to finish her It takes a village quilt for the Village Quilters quilt show on July 10th and 11th. It's going to be spectacular! Agnes was back catching up with everyone. We had a nice little group today. I hope that Clare and Diane, our two new people, come back next week.

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