Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 ladies attended today including Betsey Hoffman back from New Jersey and Arizona. She's looking for a rental here in Voorheesville that she can live in for 6 months of the year so if anyone knows of anything, give her a call. Today we had tons of food. I baked brownies, Agnes baked cookies, and Tina, Ethel and Pat all brought in cookies, etc. in case there wasn't enough. We had plenty. We began the meeting by un-sewing Winnie's quilt which I had layered incorrectly last week and sewn together. With 4 or more of us working on it, it was un-sewn in no time. Agnes and RoseMary layered it correctly and pinned it. Next week I'll sew it together correctly so that we can flip it and tie it. We also pulled out the cowboy quilt for the grieving kids and tied it. I'll take it home to put on the binding then we'll have another one done. Maybe next week we can hang them up and see what we have so far. This is Tina's last week for awhile. She's going to her camp up North next week so we may not see her again until late in the fall.

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