Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yesterday we had 12 ladies. Marguerite brought in the 3 finished quilts she has worked on for the Camp Erin kids and we hung them on the wall. The room already looks brighter! By next week we may be adding a couple more to the wall. For a small group, I think we're doing pretty well on this project. Pat and Agnes tied the quilt Agnes had made. I sewed Winnie's quilt so that it would flip properly, then Pat, Winnie, Agnes and Cathy tied it. I sewed on the binding to a quilt we had finished a couple of weeks ago. Marguerite took it home to finish the hand sewing. And Winnie took hers home to do the finishing touches. I will take pictures of our wall next week and post them. This weekend Cathy M., Fran, Marie and I are attending the Wings Falls Quilt show. It's always a good one so I'm looking forward to it! Here is a picture of the Village Quilters annual raffle quilt.

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