Tuesday, May 19, 2009

12 ladies attended today. It was a hard working day. We laid out 3 quilts and pinned them. One of them we tied. Unfortunately, we laid out one of the quilts incorrectly so we will be doing some ripping out next week. All three quilts are for the kids at Camp Erin. I think right now we have 6 quilts finished or in progress. That's not bad for a relatively small group. Thanks to Marguerite and Winnie for their dedication to the cause. Today we also had help from Cathy M. I added the binding to our mile-a-minute raffle quilt. I'm taking that home to see if I can get the binding sewn down and make a nametag for it. Then it will be finished and we can get it out of the closet! I can't wait! We had lots of good eats today too. Besides the store bought stuff I brought in, Jean K. made some delicious brownies and Pat H. some homemade chocolate and peanut butter pieces. Yummy! Other projects being worked on: our newest member, Rosemary M. was working on a prayer quilt for church. Ethel is working on a new project, a needlepoint bell pull. Tina is making a pillow. To tell the truth, I didn't see what anyone else was working on. I had my attention on the camp quilts. Don't forget to vote today!

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