Tuesday, May 12, 2009

16 ladies attended today. I stopped and had lunch today with Betty Smith. She is in her living room and still taking visitors. She's happy for the company, but for short visits only. I saw the finished 100 yr. birthday quilt the Village Quilters made for her. It turned out very nice and colorful! Betty's granddaughter Linda is still busy quilting and they had the blocks on the design wall so that Betty can study the arrangement. It will be another beautiful quilt. Linda has a truly great eye for fabric. I came in with a finished top for the grieving children, Marguerite had finished one, and Winnie just needed to sew a border on one. Next week we will have 3 quilts to tie! I sewed together pieces for the binding of the mile-a-minute quilt. I can't wait to sew it on and actually say goodbye to a finished quilt. Then I need to make a binding for the quilt we tied last week. Eventually we will have at least 6 finished quilts for the grieving kids at Camp Erin. They need 60 so we still need to make more. Kathy O. is gone to her summer home up north now. Tina won't leave for her northern retreat until June. Next week Cathy Y. and Deb J. will be on vacation. Cathy M. brought in some pictures from China. It's getting to be vacation time. I am looking for to my son's graduation from RPI next weekend. Spring is finally here and all the things that go with it. Nevertheless, there's always time for needlework.

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