Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There were 13 of us today at Nimblefingers including Marguerite's granddaughter Alexandra who brought along some knitting to keep her occupied while Marguerite did some quilting on our raffle quilt. I got out one of our sewing machines and did some machine quilting on another raffle quilt with some help from Cathy Y. Kathy O. brought in a quilt she is working on with some borders to get our opinion of her color choice. Fran brought in some applique pieces. She took a workshop from machine quilter, applique-r Harriet Hargrave last week and she wanted to make a second piece using the techniques she learned. Fran also brought in her needle case made in the Bonnie Turner workshop. She, Ethel and Cathy M. have all given me rave reviews on the workshop and the needlecases they made are beautiful. Winnie reported that Jean K.'s husband Roger had died and that Jean will be returning to town next week. Our thoughts will be with Jean.

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