Tuesday, April 21, 2009

13 ladies attended today. It was a gray and drizzly day today and at least 2 of our members are at home sick. Hopefully the sun will come out soon and chase away everyone's colds, flus, etc. Last weekend was the Delmar QUILT groups biennial quilt show and many of us attended. We compared notes on what we bought from the vendors and which quilts we liked the best. Ethel purchased some more embroidery thread from Bonnie Turner so she could make some more needle cases like they made in the workshop. Ethel is also a member of the embroiders' guild and does beautiful needlework. Cathy Y. and I were back at the sewing machine. We finished quilting the mile-a-minute quilt. Next week we'll put the binding on, then a nametag and it will be done! Hallelujah! There's nothing better than finishing a quilt! After that we'll have to concentrate on making quilts for the camp for grieving children. Linda O'C came in. She returned from Florida last week. She brought in some interesting little bags she had made covered in cheesecloth with lots of needlework. And Marie was back from her carpal tunnel surgery. She had a heckava time for about 3 weeks, until the doctor gave her a shot in the arm. Since then she's felt like a new person. Her message: take care of your carpal tunnel in its early stages. She waited a long time to take care of this because it was in her right arm. The pain was worse since she had let it go so long.

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