Tuesday, April 28, 2009

15 ladies attended today. Winnie treated us all to brownies with a German chocolate cake topping. It was delicious! I brought in some fabric that I've been carrying around in my trunk for a couple of months and Ethel brought in some yarn to give away. We pulled some of the fabric to use for the grieving kids quilts. Marguerite and I prepared 1 top, 1 back and batting for one such quilt. Next week we can lay it out and tie it. Marguerite has made another quilt top which also needs to be tied. Before too long we should have a nice little start on our grieving kids camp quilt project. Kathy O. will be leaving us soon for her summer home. She usually comes home with some new idea for an easy quilt. We'll have to wait till Sept. or Oct. to see what she learns this summer. Daryl was back today. She had been to the American Sewing Guild show in Worcester, Mass. While she was there she tried out sewing machines. She got an 1 1/2 hr. lesson on Baby Lock so she made the plunge and got a new machine! By buying a machine she got to enter a giveaway contest. She spun the wheel and lo and behold, she won the grand prize--a flat screen TV! I'd say she did pretty well for herself. She's busy cleaning out her sewing room now to make room for the new baby. She's got some fun ahead of her! Our friend Ingrid also came today. We haven't seen much of her lately. She told us the horror story of her husband's fall he had two years ago. He's still recovering apparently. As a result of his fall she retired from her job and has been at home ever since. Hopefully she will decide to come back and spend time with us again. While Marguerite and I were getting a quilt ready, Pat H. and Agnes were cutting netting to make more crocheted scrubbies. They make them for the Methodist bazaar but our group finds them very useful so we keep them busy making more. On a sad note, one of the original Nimblefingers group, Marian Hatch, died last night. She has been in a home with Alzheimer's for several years but we all still remember her impressive Norman Rockwell cross-stitches. Marian was a nice lady with a great sense of humor. We bid her a fond farewell.

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