Tuesday, April 07, 2009

12 ladies attended today. I have been gone for the last 2 weeks and also missed today because of an appointment. 2 weeks ago I was in Las Vegas either walking around in the Venetian hotel and casino or sitting by the hotel pool. I thought Vegas was beautiful. It has the bluest sky I have ever seen (because there is no humidity in the air) and the best looking palm trees. They looked like the kind of palms I would expect to see in North Africa. They are completely different from the palms I'm used to in Texas. Las Vegas was warm and beautiful. It was also crowded. A cab driver told us this was the high tourist season and I believed him. The streets and hotels were packed. I didn't gamble at all and in fact the only thing I bought was 3 murano beads for $20. I had hoped to buy at least a designer scarf but the one I looked at cost $375. I decided I could live without it for that price. I returned home at about 11:00 p.m. Friday night. I got a call at 8:00 a.m. from my sister that my mother had died during the night. So I made my plane reservations, washed my clothes, took care of some business at work and left bright and early Sunday morning. Texas was also warm and dry but I barely noticed. All of my siblings (and their spouses), one of my cousins and my 97 year old aunt all attended the funeral. My siblings and I spent the week sorting through all of the family photographs. I brought home way more than I needed. Plus we looked for any valuables that my mom had left which wasn't much. A few pieces of jewelry divided between the daughters, daughter-in-law and granddaughters. I took home the 50th wedding anniversary quilt my sisters and I made for my parents. Plus I found an old yo-yo quilt which must have been made by my grandmother. I brought that home too. We also found homes for my carpenter grandfathers furniture and my grandmothers dishes. We stayed pretty busy but my little sister and I did make it for one last trip to Creations, our favorite quilt store. I bought some sale fabric which I used for padding in the box of photos I sent home. I'm going to have to continue to visit my sister in Kerrville so I can shop at that store. It's definitely worth going out of your way for and I hate to think I've made my last visit. Now I'm glad to be home and hope I don't have any more excitement for awhile. Time to calm down now.

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