Tuesday, December 30, 2008

13 ladies and 1 very nice little boy attended Nimblefingers today. Elaine L. came back for a visit and brought her son Caidin and her spinning wheel with her. Caiden visited us regularly when he was in his mama's belly as well as after he was born so we do like to keep up with him. Edie, Alberta and Nancy were also back again today. Unfortunately Edie goes back to Tuesday dialysis but it was nice to have her back for 2 weeks anyway. I hope Alberta and Nancy will keep coming. Marguerite brought her granddaughter Alexandra with her today to do a little knitting while Marguerite and I added some quilting stitches to the quilt. I had put out a selection of quilting books that had belonged to Betty Seminary so several of the ladies went home with new patterns to try. We are sorry to hear that Cathy M. is out for 8 weeks of physical therapy. Next week I will be out. I'm going to Texas to visit my 93 year old mother for a week. While I'm there my sister and I will hit our favorite quilt store "Creations of Kerrville" and spend most of our days sewing. It's always very relaxing and this trip it should also have the advantage of being warm. Hallelujah!

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