Tuesday, January 13, 2009

14 ladies attended today. Marie brought in some ultra-warm Maine knit mittens she had made. She knitted in pieces of roving about every 3rd stitch. They were very thick and I'm sure quite warm. Several of us are back from our travels: me from Texas, Agnes from Texas, Daryl from North Carolina. I didn't bring in all of the fabric I purchased at my favorite quilt shop but maybe I'll start bringing it in slowly. Fran was working on something different today: a ruched flower for a small quilt. It should be really pretty when finished. Cathy M. brought in her 1st block for her block-a-month quilt. Kathy O. brought in her daughter Judy who is working on a wedding ring quilt. Kathy also had some fabric squares embroidered with the names of all those in the quilting group in Wells, NY back in 18--. She wants to make them into a quilt that could be hung in the historical museum in Wells which is where Kathy summers. Deb had been given some scraps and told to make a quilt to raffle for the Altamont library so she cut out the borders for that. Daryl brought in a number of tote bags she has made for Catholic charities. The bags are used for underprivileged kids and are filled with the makings for a birthday party, i.e. cake mix, frosting, etc. She picked up a lot of the fabric from our donations. They were great!

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