Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Today we went out to lunch for our holiday party. 13 of us attended. We went to the Gold Coin for Chinese food. Almost all of us took supper home in a bag. There was lots of talk around the table as usual. I listened to a recitation of all kinds of cabbage recipes on one side of me and an update on the health of Betty Seminary, one of our sometimes ex-member, on the other. It's hard to keep track and hard to keep up with the conversations when you get a bunch of ladies together. I did learn though, in calling absent friends that our old friend Edie, the blind lady, has changed the day she goes for dialysis so she hopes to return to the group again. I'm flattered that she has remembered us fondly all this time. It will be great to see her again and we've missed Alberta and Nancy who we haven't seen for about 6 months. Remember, we will not meet on the 16th but we will meet again on the 23rd. See you then!

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