Tuesday, December 23, 2008

13 ladies attended today. It was a special day--Alberta, Edie and Nancy returned to us. They changed the day of Edie's dialysis for the holidays so she got her sisters to bring her in. We've missed her so it's nice to know she missed us too. She brought a Christmas card and a Santa wreath for us. It's so nice to see her again. And Alberta and Nancy haven't attended for several months. I hope they'll keep coming too--somehow the group doesn't seem complete without them. Fran brought in some wonderful pizelles. We gobbled them right up. I brought in some chocolates and they didn't stand a chance against us either. Marguerite brought her granddaughter Amy who kept very busy making an ornament and a potholder. I was secretly jealous of the potholder-making; I haven't done that since I was a kid. Kathy O. brought in her granddaughter's finished quilt. It has a bright pink polka-dot border! The perfect quilt for a pink loving little girl. Today's discussions were on how important it is not to reorganize your sewing room; the proper way to blow your nose; various local concerts seen or not seen by different members; some funny family stories and of course I filled Alberta, Edie and Nancy in on the keen determination to reuse tea bags by my thrifty group of ladies. A fun time as always. Happy Holidays to all!

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