Tuesday, November 04, 2008

13 ladies attended today. We had a dessert feast today! I put away the food I had bought and instead we feasted on Pat H.'s pumpkin pie, Daryl's pumpkin cheesecake tarts, and Jean K.'s diabetic chocolate pie, and non-diabetic cherry cheesecake! I think I ate too much. Kathy O. brought in a quilt top that her daughter had made and wanted her to quilt. She has a daughter who makes beautiful quilt tops, then folds them up and puts them away. She apparently doesn't like quilting so she leaves them for her mom. Kathy made a quilt sandwich and pinned it together. She says she has 2 larger quilt tops at home that she is also supposed to finish for her daughter. Better her than me I say. I prefer the piecing too but that's where my friend the Quiltsmith comes in. It's so easy to just pack up the top and the backing and send it to him to quilt. It comes back looking much better than I could have done, and though it costs a pretty penny, I get to avoid the really hard work. Pat H. was back today from her trip to the Holy Lands. She had a great time and will bring her pictures when they are developed. Fran is leaving tomorrow for China. She's going to a silk factory and some other factories so she will be doing some shopping. My guess is she'll bring in her fabric purchases to show us. Daryl is leaving for North Carolina to attend her grandson's birthday, followed by Thanksgiving. We do have a well-traveled group!

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