Tuesday, November 11, 2008

15 ladies attended today including Betty Smith whom we are always happy to see, and Betsey Hoffman back from New Jersey for a brief visit. Our group includes not only people who go south for the winter, but also includes people who go north for the summer. Since there are some who hadn't seen it this summer, I decided to show the Betty Smith film. It is truly a wonderful film and received lots of applause. Otherwise, the group was about the same as always. A couple of knitters (Betty and Cathy Y.), some quilters, some bazaar project makers. I pulled out the raffle quilt to work on which kept me pinned down to the table so I didn't walk around to visit with everyone like I normally do. But there were lively discussions all around the table. Linda and Ethel brought in some donations to choose from. And Cathy O. showed us how to make a hidden nine-patch quilt block. This week Fran was off in China, Daryl in North Carolina and next week Marie will be in California. The holidays are approaching so there was also some discussion of Thanksgiving foods. Betty is making glazed onions which set our mouths to watering as she gave us her recipe and everyone agreed that I should not be lazy this year and should actually cook my own turkey. I'll think about it.

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