Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Only 9 ladies today. The weather was rainy, cold and miserable and I can't say that I blame anyone for staying home. It's a good day to stay home and sew, read, watch TV or anything just so long as you don't have to get your feet wet. Fran brought in a beautiful, graphic flannel quilt top. It is quite eye-catching. I brought in the 2 lap quilts I've finished: one a scrap quilt, the other my bug jar quilt. Daryl joined us with tales of delivering numerous lap quilts and tons of clothes to the hilltowns for another group she belongs to. Fran also
brought in a pieced turkey wall hanging which Daryl is working on at home and Pat O'R was working on here. I pulled out the raffle quilt and filled in some more squares with hand quilting. Cathy Y. was our knitter today. A small but comfortable group. Let's hope it stops raining soon.

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