Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12 ladies attended today. Betty Smith didn't choose to attend because of the rainy cold weather so instead I went over and ate my lunch at her house. I don't want Betty to get bored! I brought in 2 pies (2 for $7 at Hannafords!), Pat brought in some leftover pumpkin/cream cheese bread from the bazaar, and Deb brought in Indian Ladder donuts. What a feast! Fran was back regaling us with stories of her trip to China. It sounded like a great trip in that it was economical, they saw and learned alot, but it was also a high energy trip. They were on the go 12 hours per day! Kathy O. was knitting some socks today and the particular variegated yarn she was using made an interesting and different pattern than I had seen before. Cathy C. brought in a quilt to sandwich. It was all fruit and vegetable fabric. She said she collected fabric for 2 years. It was very bright, colorful and fun to search for all the different kinds of food. An eye-spy quilt for adults. Cathy M. brought in her Christmas quilt which she had just gotten back from the machine quilter, Linda Denner from Flying Geese fabrics. She made the blocks in a class at Flying Geese and as are all of Cathy's quilts, this one was spectacular. Cathy has a real talent with choosing fabrics that go together and a good eye for color. She's lucky that way.

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