Wednesday, October 08, 2008

11 ladies attended yesterday one of whom was our special guest Betsey Hoffman. She had to return to the area to do paperwork so stopped by to visit us. Just in time too--we were able to present her with the quilt we made for her. Being a new widow she needs all the support she can get so I hope we were able to offer some comfort to her. Other things going on...Linda O'C cut up a sweatshirt to make another of her beautiful remade sweatshirts. The ladies at the end of the table were working on their church bazaar items. Marguerite was hand quilting a small 4-patch posey. I pulled out the raffle quilt to hand quilt. Cathy C. came with books and patterns to give away. Next week were are going out to lunch at the Butcher Block at 12:30. If you haven't been to Nimblefingers in awhile but read the blog please join us for lunch. We are all hoping that Alberta and Nancy will join us again. We haven't seen them for awhile. Yesterday people were asking about Alberta and about Katherine (the cat lady). Well, last night after leaving the drug store I drove by Katherine's house. It was dark and there was a for sale sign in front so I guess her step-son-in-law finally moved them to Connecticut. I hope she will send us a letter giving us her address soon. I'm sure she'd love to hear from us.

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