Tuesday, October 21, 2008

12 ladies attended today. Yesterday I received a letter from our friend Katherine Denegar. She has moved to Connecticut now and is being cared for by Russ's son. It sounds like she is in good hands. I was really glad to hear from her and have her address and phone if anyone wants them. Kathy O. was back from her summer home. She brought in 2 quilts she had made and hand-quilted. Plus, while she was up north she had access to a loom so she also brought in a beautiful rug she had woven. Our Kathy is very talented. Fran brought in a gorgeous bright quilt top in a 9-patch pattern. The Village Quilters want to have a challenge with this pattern for their next (2010) quilt show. I think Fran has already won that challenge--I can't imagine a more perfect fabric selection than she has. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the camera so didn't get any pictures. Maybe they'll both hang these items in our February quilt show and I can take pictures then. Marie brought in a huge bag full of patterns to give away. I brought in a handful. She took 1 of my patterns and I must have taken 20 of hers. So much for my trying to get rid of stuff! I made cupcakes last night to bring in. A rarity for me; I don't do much baking anymore. Deb is trying to find a home for a 27" TV. If you know of anyone who needs one let her know.

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