Tuesday, September 16, 2008

12 ladies attended today and we've attracted a new lady! Antonia (Tony) Kormos recently moved to town and heard about us so came to see what we were all about. She brought in a sample of her weaving to show us. It was a sampler made with beautiful colors! We were all very impressed. Today Marie brought in some yarn and magazines to give away plus a bag full of pre-wound bobbins. I'll try those in our sewing machine and see how they work. Marguerite and I hand-basted a quilt. I'll try machine quilting on our machines next week. We've never actually tried them with the walking foot. Daryl and Fran are enjoying using up their small scraps making premie quilts. Pat O., Cathy M. and Marie are all appliquing blocks. Cathy Y. is knitting a vest for herself. Daryl treated us today with a delicious apple cake and Marie surprised us with some apple cider donuts. Yum, yum!

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