Monday, July 21, 2008

I was away in Texas last week visiting my mom so I've only heard secondhand how last week went. It sounds like it was a madhouse. 14 girls attended and 12 adults so the adults were outnumbered! I heard there was no food (ach!), that the coffeepot wasn't working (double ach!!), that the sewing machines were misbehaving and that there weren't enough tables for my ladies! Well, it's nice to know I was missed. Of course ... all of those problems would have been solved had I been there (ha-ha). But I was away, sewing up a storm at my mom's house. I made 2 visits to my favorite quilt shop (my sister made 3) and I spent a small fortune. I had taken down 7 projects to work on and I finished, or almost finished 5 of them. I will bring in my projects to show tomorrow. I was happy to see some of you at the quilt show last weekend. I thought it was a very nice show. And double thanks to those of you who entered your quilts. See you tomorrow!

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