Thursday, July 03, 2008

Here are Anne Coletta's notes from her first day of Nimblefingers:
My First Experience with Nimblefingers
My name is Anne and I am a graduate student in library school spending time at Voorheesville Public Library this summer. I asked if I could attend Nimblefingers because I was curious about how a needlework group spent time at the library.
I expected to see a lot of needlework - quilting, embroidery, knitting, etc. - and I was not disappointed. Now, keep in mind that I haven't encountered a sewing machine since Home Ec in 7th grade, oh, about 25 years ago. I can mend my clothes and replace buttons. I know one crochet stitch (are crochet stitches called 'stitches'?).
Well, yes, I did see a lot of needlework skills displayed by the Nimblefingered ladies (men are welcome too - where were you guys?).
What really impressed me, though, was the sheer amount of talent and experience in the room. I tried to eavesdrop on as many conversations as possible. I learned about needlework, but I also learned about life. These ladies have amazing stories about where they come from, what they've done and what they are doing both in their families and in their communities.
I felt right at home at Nimblefingers. A strange thing happens to me as I get older and it happened here: one lady seemed to me the spitting image of a next door neighbor I had growing up, Mary. Mary's mother was straight from Ireland with a lovely lilt and a gentle glow about her. When I was a small child, she knitted me a beautiful yellow cardigan. When she presented it to me I was astounded and speechless - such love and generosity. Mary asked me, "What do you say?" clearly expecting me to say "Thank you," but I was so overwhelmed I ran up to her mother and gave her a big kiss.
That's what these ladies remind me of: life, experience, love of family, love of community. We are all richer to have these ladies with us. Thank you, Nimblefingers.

Thank you Anne for the lovely thoughts.

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