Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another busy day at Nimblefingers! We had 10 ladies, 13 kids and 3 teachers. Most of the girls were doing hand sewing. Last week Joyce had them start on a needle case which they finished this week. From there they were to make a simple four-patch, by hand, which they will continue with next week. Sadye finished her 4-patch and made it into a hotpad. Her sister Abbey finished her quilt with some guidance from Winnie. And Laura D. is putting the binding on her quilt with assistance from Agnes. Samantha finished her 2nd pillowcase which was her goal. So we had a lot of sewing going on. Many thanks to Agnes, Winnie and Deb for their patience and help. Now for the ladies... Marie brought in some gadgets that are used for knitting handles, etc. She has a whole collection of them! I hope she'll bring them in again so we can see them in action. Linda O'C brought in a quilt, partially quilted and probably from the 20's or 30's which was given to Jean Perras. Jean didn't want to finish hand quilting it so she donated it to us. If we could get it finished it would be a very nice raffle quilt! Winnie has been making small quilts for her bazaar. She brought in 2 to show but apparently has about 6 more at home! And she used to say she'd never be able to make a quilt! Pat brought in some fabric to donate and some cheesecake to eat. Thank you Pat!

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