Wednesday, July 02, 2008

18 ladies attended Nimblefingers today. Anne Coletta, our new library intern, was one of our attendees, observing what we do in our little group. We had a lot of activity today. Sue Mosher returned to us after a several year absence. She’s still been quilting and needed help making a bias binding. Fortunately Linda O’Connor was here to instruct her. Connie was using an interesting little gizmo. It was an old wooden spool with nails sticking out of the top which you wind yarn around to create a tube that can be used as a tie or the handle of a bag. It was really quite ingenious—a knitting machine from before the days of electricity. Daryl laid out and sandwiched a baby quilt to give away. We discovered we had enough blocks to make another prayer quilt. Fran brought in a laid out her almost complete wool appliqué lap quilt. Linda O’Connor has been having some fun with her new felting machine. She’s been felting different fabrics, ribbons, and yarns to different kinds of fabrics just to see what kinds of effects she comes up with. It will be exciting to see what she makes when she starts adding felting to her already beautiful quilts. I have asked Anne to give me her comments on the group and will post them when they are available. I think she was very impressed though! Remember, next week Junior Nimblefingers starts! Take an energy pill or eat your wheaties so you're ready!

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